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Lord Baden-Powell Award
"In every country the purpose of the Scouts' training is identical, namely, efficiency for Service towards others; and with such an object in common, we can, as an International Brotherhood in Service, go forward and do a far-reaching work . . ."

Founder of the Scouting and Guiding Movements

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This is the Web-Ring portal into the Baden-Powell Award site. An award for Scouting & Guiding Webmasters whose Websites express exemplary excellence in the areas of International Service and Technical Expression. This page is only accessible by Web-Ring visitors. That's YOU! You are probably a Scout/Guidesite-Surfer or Scout/Guidesite Webmaster. If so, you will probably be interested in looking into this Website furthur. (If not, then YiS&G, and click "Back" on your browser!)

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The Lord Baden-Powell badge displayed above was originally purchased at "The Baden-Powell House" circa 1957. Our Thanks to Mr. Jason Lewis of the Mount Diablo-Silverado Council staff for allowing us to image it for these pages.

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