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The Lord Baden-Powell Award
For Scouting Excellence
On The World-Wide-Web
About this Web-site  
The LB-P Site Webmaster
This Award is not 'owned' by any single individual. It belongs to all Scouts and Scouters that aspire to earn it, or that participate in the Award Project as volunteers.

This Web-site is maintained by a Member of our Team; currently an anonymous Scouter in the USA. The role of this individual is to:

  • Maintain all aspects of this Web-site
  • Act as a 'focal' between the Evaluation Team and the nominated Webmasters
  • Tally nominated site evaluation scores
  • Notify new Award recipients
  • Respond to (or forward) all site E-mails

If you have questions, regarding this site, or the status of your nomination.

If you require additional information, check the Award process.

The LB-P Site Team
All of those that are involved in this Project (Evaluators and Webmaster) are active Scouters and/or Scouts. We hail from several diverse Scouting organizations World-wide. We do this for fun; and, just maybe there's a bit of recognition amongst friends (you know, "a friend to all and a brother to every Scout".) We are proud of the fact that several National Scouting organizations have expressed a high degree of support and encouragement for this project, however, it should be stated that this project is neither afiliated with ANY Scouting or Guiding organization, nor are we funded by any professional organization or otherwise.


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