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www.MeritBadge.comwww.MeritBadge.com - Helping Scouts Advance - What merit badge do YOU want to earn today? Whichever one you want, MeritBadge.com can help. This immense web site started out simply, just the personal site of Michael Kauffmann, the Optimist, who decided to convert advancement information from text files to web pages to make access to the information easier. While MeritBadge.com still offers this service, the site's objectives have changed. The mission of MeritBadge.com is to provide productive tools and information which will help Scouts advance. In addition, background information is provided that can help Scouters improve their advancement program within the their Troop, District, and Council. MeritBadge.com also actively seeks out businesses and professionals in merit badge related subject areas, and promotes the development of web pages dedicated to helping Scouts earn that merit badge. As of April, 1998, there are 17 web sites devoted to helping Scouts on specific merit badges, and MeritBadge.com has hundreds of links for information related to ALL merit badge topics. If you want to advance in Scouting, www.MeritBadge.com is a great place to start.

===Berkeley Boy Scout Troop 24 - Webmaster Alan Houser has created a site that on the cover looks simple and un-assuming. But when you explore further, you discover tremendous depth (the site index alone contains over 200 references!). Updated daily, this site contains, unquestionably, the most comprehensive directory of American Scouting Websites, a colossal Virtual Patch collection, information on American and international Scouting, camps, clipart, council and district home pages, and EVERYTHING else imaginable. This is all hosted by Berkeley Troop 24, one of the oldest Boy Scout Troops in the area, with a long history of excellence and service for more than 75 years. The excellence continues today. One hundred sixty seven members of the Troop have earned their Eagle Rank, including two in 1995 and three in 1996. One has earned Eagle in 1997, and several more may earn Eagle before the end of the year. In addition to earning the National Quality Unit Award, the Troop also earned the Grizzly Bear Award for the most active camping program among troops in Herms District and the National Camping Award every year since 1992. In April, 1995, Troop 24 won both the patrol and troop presidential awards at the District Camporee.

Join One of the Largesat Scouting Webrings on the InternetThe Scouting Webring - The World's largest and fastest growing Scouting-based Webring that recieves well over 24,500 hits per month. The Webring is an exclusive group of over 687 "E-Scouts" with their Webpages linked together by universal code. From here you can submit your site, view other sites in the ring, or jump to a random site. The Ring is managed by Tom Hilton (USA) an accomplished Webmaster and distinguished Scouter.

Troop 97, Fort Collins, Colorado, USATroop 97, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA - Troop 97 is a large troop because of its active and adventure-oriented program. Many of the "secrets of successful troops" are presented in the troop's website. Along with numerous ideas to help troops have exciting programs, the website also includes much information on US Scouting and international Scouting that can't be found anywhere else. Troop 97's active boy leadership team is supported by a large number of actively involved adults, allowing Silver Beaver Scoutmaster Jeff Snowden just enough spare time to have fun as webmaster, too.

The 5th Tillsonburg AllianceThe 5th Tillsonburg Alliance is a member of the Baden-Powell Scout Association Council of Ontario. The first BPSA group in South Western Ontario our program follows the original program developed by Baden Powell, stressing a traditional outdoor scouting program and service to others and the community. The 5th offers all sections to the youth of Tillsonburg and area, Otters, Timber Wolves, Explorers, Sr. Explorers and Rovers. Our web site is designed to promote scouting in Tillsonburg, Southwestern Ontario and BPSA as a Traditional Scouting Program. Earl Bateman Akela with the Timber wolf Section is the Webmaster of our Website.

Scatacook District Scatacook District - Webmaster and District Chairman Jay Lubin has created this Web Site to support over 1,200 volunteers, responsible for the operation of nearly 70 Scout units across northern Fairfield County, Connecticut. In operation since March 2003, this very large and successful Web Site has been the center piece of an improved communications program within the District, bringing the strength and resources of the World Wide Web to Unit Leaders, Commissioners, and the District Committee. Scatacook District is a Quality District, one of six Districts within Connecticut Yankee Council.

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