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We'll try to answer your questions here:

  1. I submitted my site a,long time ago, is the Award Site still operational ?
    Yes it is still operating, We haven't had any site evaluators until lately and they are currently working through the backlog of sites.

  2. The award graphics are old ones, What's Up with them ?
    A few years ago some people were coping them to their sites, when their sites had not recieved an award.
    The decision was made to not post the current years graphics, so no one could copy them with out being first awarded an award.

  3. I submitted my site a,long time ago, why haven't I heard anything back ?
    We've had a lot of sites to review and most of them are eather not there anymore,
    or they do not meet the site qualifications.

  4. How will I know if my site has won an award ?
    The webmaster will notify you about your award and where to get your award graphic.

  5. Why does it take so long to get my site evaluated ?
    All sites have to reviewed by at least two evaluators, before they can be awarded, an award.

  6. Can I find out how my site was rated ?
    No, we do not advise anything about the evaluations. If you site rates an award, you will be notified by the webmaster.

  7. Can I re-submitt my site to be evaluated again ?
    Yes you can, but please take time to check out qualfications, to help you better qualify your site for an award.

  8. I emailed one of the site evaluators and they never replyed, what's up ?
    Only the webmaster is allowed to contact anyone about this site.
    Please direct all questions to the webmaster, if a response is needed, he will reply.

  9. Why do you mean by - Non-Profit -
    Sites must be not-for-profit efforts. Sites that seek to sell products or services can not be considered.

  10. What do you mean by CONTENT ?
    Your Unit's name, e-mail address, and links to other people's sites just won't make it! Tell us about your unit, group, where you live, what you do, how you relate to other scouting. The inclusion of extensive and / or unique content matter far outweighs elegant design style and borrowed Java Scripts.

  11. What do you mean about Service -
    "Efficiency for service towards others." In the founder's words, the candidate site must provide a Guiding/Scouting-related service to their Unit members and / or families, their communities, or Scouting and Guiding in general.

  12. What is Technical Excellence ?
    This aspect of the award selection process will be a measure of the technical quality see the qualifications page - Is the site design pleasing to the user?

    A Final Note
    All evaluations are subjective. Different people see different things that they like or dislike. Knowing this, please be assured that you are receiving a fair cross-sectional evaluation that has included the input of several EXPERTS from differing cultures, Scout/Guide Organizations, and age groups!



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